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Surveillance Solution for Retail Store

Major Selling Point

  1. During work period, staff can real-time view every corner in store with monitor system. If there is any steal activity, he can stop it right away. This can avoid steal phenomenon and reduce financial loss.
  1. During off-work period, alarm system will be activated. Any illegal conduct and theft can be prevented with alarming on the scene. Meanwhile, user can receive alarm information in the cellphone app or pc client software. He can deal with the incident as soon as possible.


Retail Store Solution Diagram


  • Deterrence: It can deter illegal conduct with hanging a sign in entrance as a deterrent.
  • Anti-theft: First, monitor can prevent a theft by surveillance system if there is a theft conduct during business time. Second, Alarm can be solved immediately by starting monitoring alarm system during off time. Illegal conduct can be prevented with an alarm in the scene. At the meantime, surveillance graphics is automatically popped out in surveillance center so that alarm can be solved firstly.
  • Preventability: A built in Intercom of Ansee system can monitor remotely by a sound deterrent of an installed HIFI in store before a theft conduct at night.
  • Troubleshooting: After installing a monitor in cashier, cashiering trouble can be solved well when there is a cash conflict between customers and our staff.
  • Settlement of emergency: Remote monitor system can record illegal conduct and provide a strong proof to the police with records if a sudden illegal conduct happens.
  • Surveillance: the scene record of monitor can strengthen the supervision of the store by inspecting staff’s service attitude and their daily work performance.
  • Patrol through mobile phone: Daily work performance of staffs can be known by a real-time view of mobile phone monitor.
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