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Surveillance Solution for Chain Stores


With a fast development of wide band and an enlargement of industry application, IP networking technology has involved in our daily life deeply. Networking has been an important trend in the development and application of security technology. In security field, with a spring up of wide band security products, a scientific and reasonable modern safety management mode that is based on a networking technology is adopted by many large commercial retail enterprises. And its good economic and social benefits is obvious.


What should be considered when design solution for chain stores?

  • A wide Network spot distribution, various security management mode, stability of network environment and bandwidth are different;
  • Relatively, there are more security risks because of a wide network spot. Moreover, the difference of social security level is large.
  • A difficult management has been caused for a uneven personnel quality and weak safety awareness of internal staff.
  • A corner that can avoid a monitoring is not found easily for a large business area, which can not provide an adequate evidence.


Network video alarm system requires that all chain stores compose a network. The safety status of each store can be collected in time on the platform to manage the system scientifically and efficiently. When design this system, we need to consider the architecture system, technology, management, application and cost to meet the security requirements.


Chain Store Solution Diagram


  • Through network, all chain stores can be remotely managed centrally.
  • First level management center is established in headquarter, monitoring the alarm status from each store. In each store, a second level management center is also established locally.


System Structure

Network video alarm system is composed by management center, TCP/IP network and Front-end sub alarm system in each chain store that includes door sensor, PIR motion detector and smoke sensor.

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